Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sarah "Wadsworth" Palin

PaulRevere/Tom the Dancing Bug

Many Palinites have now twisted Sarah Klondike's obvious historical flub to their own advantage while completely ignoring the basic error --that Paul Revere's famed ride (i.e., the one Longfellow wrote about) was undertaken to warn the patriots of the impending attack from the British navy, and the heads-up was via the lantern code, NOT with bells or shotgun blasts. Secrecy and stealth were essential, and Revere's meeting with the British--he was interrogated-- was not connected with the "midnight ride". The 2nd Amendment was not in existence (obvious as f**k, but does SP know that??). In the era of Foxnews, historical truth itself may now be revised when needed--the Palinites have even attempted to edit the wiki on Paul Revere (granted, leftist revisionists are not unknown).

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