Saturday, August 27, 2011


"Philosophy also must make its appearance where political life
exists; since that in virtue of which any series of phenomena is
reduced within the sphere of culture, as above stated, is the Form
strictly proper to Thought; and thus for philosophy, which is
nothing other than the consciousness of this form itself — the
Thinking of Thinking — the material o£ which its edifice is to be
constructed, is already prepared by general culture. If in the
development of the State itself, periods are necessitated which
impel the soul of nobler natures to seek refuge from the Present
in ideal regions — in order to find in them that harmony with
itself which it can no longer enjoy in the discordant real world,
where the reflective intelligence attacks all that is holy and deep,
which had been spontaneously inwrought into the religion, laws
and manners of nations, and brings them down and attenuates
them to abstract godless generalities — Thought will be
compelled to become Thinking Reason, with the view of
effecting in its own element the restoration of its principles from
the ruin to which they had been brought." (Hegel)

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