Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tony, 1. Jerry, 0

LA Times:

"Villaraigosa proposed raising taxes on commercial property and lowering them for homeowners. "Prop. 13 was never intended to be a corporate tax giveaway, but that is what it has become," he asserted.

The mayor also would eliminate the corporate tax because "it has become a Swiss cheese of loopholes." He'd trim the personal income tax by 11%. And he'd extend the sales tax to services. "It's crazy that we are taxing doughnuts and not lawyers."

All told, he would raise billions, largely for schools and universities, the primary focus of his speech. "We are in the process of dismantling the greatest public university system in the world."

He'd allow taxes — state and local — to be increased by simple majority votes, repealing the two-thirds requirement of Prop. 13.

"This is about beginning a conversation," he says.

Done. A politician tacking Prop. 13 on his forehead will draw comment."

Vill. shows more spine in one rant than Jerry Moonbeam has in years.

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