Wednesday, December 14, 2011

city of angels

 Ry Cooder/LA Stories

""I work for the Los Angeles City Directory, a book of names, addresses, and job descriptions. I am one of many. Our job is to go out and collect the facts and bring them back. Other people take our work and put it in the Book, but we do the important part. Los Angeles is a big city, and the City Directory is a big book.

"How would you like to be listed in the Directory?" I show people what it is. They're afraid you'll ask embarrassing questions like "Do you have a toilet?" and "Can I see it?" I tell them they can list whatever they want — the job, the husband's name, the wife's name — simple things that most people don't mind. Most people like to be noticed, they like being asked......"""

young old Ry and his pal Don VV.


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