Monday, December 19, 2011

job killah, cont.


""... A venture capital firm run by Mitt Romney created nearly 150 jobs in Gaffney, S.C., in the late 1980s only to eliminate them four years later and earn millions of dollars in profits.

The Associated Press reviewed Bain Capital's little-known investments at The Holson Burnes Group. Bain doubled its $10 million investment into the clock and photo supply company. But workers in South Carolina and New Hampshire lost their jobs as the company consolidated and expanded its operations overseas.

By sheer coincidence, the economic fallout from Bain's decisions struck hardest in South Carolina and New Hampshire. They are among the first states with early primary elections that could affect Romney's run for the White House..""

Mitt Romney has the rare gift of being able to hypnotize the public via the media (not unlike Obama himself).  Many hypnotized phonies Democrats now appear to approve of Romney's political vision. Examine Romney's record--instead of his  Dan Quayle-ish campaign hype--, and any reasonable person will soon realize he's no JFK-ish visionary but somewhere to the right of Reagan--pro-capitalist, anti-union, a hawk, and member of a conservative church (MR once belonged to a whites-only LDS cult center temple). Ann the Man Coulter's comments that Romney's the real conservative were spot on. However nauseating abrasive Coulter's writing may be, she knows a genuine racist-capitalist aka Teabug when she licks its boots sees it.

More on the flaws of Romney:




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