Sunday, May 04, 2008

"Slang: the grunt of the Human hog." (Bierce)

McGrunt du jour: """So what you’re saying is, [oBama]’s not really a religious nutcase, he just plays one on TV? I think I can agree with that.

What palpable BS--as is the entire justification of Rev. Wright. Overlooking McGuru McGrunt's awkward, colloquial phrasing and usual 1st person blather, note the lack of any allusions to Wright or Obama's stated positions or record. For one, BO has attended the same church for over 20 years, toured on “40 days of faith and phamily,” shakes hands with protestant creationists (including GOP ones), and has even called into question the 1st Amendment (i.e. separation clause--googlestein er!). Obama's received the most donations from religious groups by far (and far more than the GOP biblethumpers like Mitt-bot or Hucklebee) Obama makes Hillary seem about like Madeliene Murray O’Hair. Even McCain has said some words against fundies, unlike BO. BO’s a complete churchie, except when he’s in LA or SF: and as consistently hypocritical as most protestants as well.


Will "take no prisoners" Hart said...

I think the thing that scared me the most during this whole election process was when Huckabee(who seems affable enough, granted), while addressing an event laced with bible-thumpers, said that we neeeded to change the Constitution to make it more reflective of the bible. I mean talk about a red flag going off, huh?

J said...

Yes, fairly alarming. Obama is no Hucklebee-style biblethumper, but has made a few rather strange comments regarding the Constitution, and he has been with Wright's church for 15+ years or something. At this point, I'm convinced NOTA's the choice (as in None of the Above). McCain's "spiritual mentor," Hagee possibly even more whacked than Wright.

HRC has not sounded quite as fundamentalist like but has other issues, and not sure she can defeat Obama craze at this stage (though I don't really care for her, she would get my vote).

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