Monday, August 24, 2009

Pynchon voiceover on youtube?

Capn Tom himself narrates from his new potboiler, Inherent Vice, and channels Ray Chandler, the 60s (and boo-coo surf rock references), Moider, and cheap mexican commercial--Gum-sandal. Must say, Pynchon's surfer detective still sounds a bit like a Joisey goomba. Vineland featured a few noir-like scenes, if memory serves me well.

Another interesting Pynchon speech has appeared on youtube: TP won a big prize for Gravity's Rainbow (best 500+ page surreal nightmare about WWII, evah--far superior to any Tarentino kitsch), and taped a Jimmy Durante meets Elmer Fudd voice to thank the board of directors (not to be confused with Professor Irwin Corey, who delivered the speech in person--unless the youtube is corey? whatev).

(a place you'll never be, New Mormon Worlds)


CharleyCarp said...

Wasn't the book a hoot?

J said...

I have only read the blurbs and online stuff from Inherent Vice--looks like classic Pynchon.

PynchonSpeak's a bit overwhelming, but generally entertains me. My fave is probably that hymn to entropy, Crying of Lot 49, followed by that sad california tale, Vineland. V's a strange labyrinthe. His NYT essay on Luddites also great. Really, TP's gloomier than many realize.

I find Gravity's Rainbow over the top. Exhausting. Some great writing, but sort out of control, 60s day-glo meets the nazis. Cartoony. Mason Dixon Im still working on. Fun--

That said, I need to pick up a copy of Inherent Vice, or at least check out my book/warez pirate, see if he's scanned it...

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