Monday, January 11, 2010

Exit, France Telecom style.


""Although [France Telecom] went private long ago, telephone workers are considered government employees. Two-thirds of them have civil-service status and cannot be fired. Nonetheless, the monopoly cut 22,000 jobs between 2006 and 2008 and reassigned many more workers to menial jobs with longer hours. ''Engineers who spent 20 years doing repairs to phone lines are being reassigned to work in call centers, and some of them struggle with the change,'' France Telecom physician Monique Fraysse-Guigline told London’s The Times last September 14.

On September 28, for example, a 51-year-old France Telecom employee left a note complaining that he could not bear his new assignment to a call center and jumped off a highway bridge into rush-hour traffic. In July, a telephone worker in Marseille left a suicide note stating, "Overwork, stress, absence of training and total disorganization in the company. I'm a wreck, it's better to end it all."

The dead worker's sister told The Guardian newspaper on September 18: "There was this pressure from the top to slim down operations by destabilizing workers; people were undermined to the point that they got ill. He told me he was regularly sent messages from managers suggesting he find work elsewhere. Once they suggested he open a rural guesthouse. He accepted a far too heavy workload out of fear of losing his senior job. He had no other problems, no money worries, no family concerns."

A healthy middle-aged man - he ran in marathons as a hobby - with no money problems could not bear the thought of losing an overpaid sinecure at the phone company. For the fretful French, The Guardian wrote, his "suicide note has become the defining message from the grave".

There you go, Bubba the Mormon Subluxanator! Jump. A solution, 'fore the Feds close the sweatshop.

"""Suicide is a fundamental human right. This does not mean that it is morally desirable. It only means that society does not have the moral right to interfere”""


Ron Carey said...

Who is this Bubba the Subluxanator you allude to?

J said...

A failed disco-star turned salesman who lives in Sac. and sells "subluxated pens" and other cheap knick knacks via a mail order scam--or, rather, attempts to sell. Anyone with an IQ in triple digits would not buy his garbage (alas, that counts out many 'Mericans). The CA Consumer affairs office knows about it.

He's also a conservative, born-again xtian, but puts on a neo-liberal schtick online, and a few dupes fall for it. Pathetic.

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