Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Alex Cockburn on the No on Coakley

""""Coakley, a former prosecutor and attorney general of Massachusetts, ran a dumb, complacent campaign, allowing Brown, a state senator, to charge that she seemed to believe she had an inherent right to the seat. Coakley ladled out platitudes; Brown, pelting about the Commonwealth in a manly GMC truck, made the Democrats' health reform bill his prime issue, which was scarcely rocket science, since people of moderate income accurately believe that "reform" is going to cost them money, with zero improvement in overall service.

A year after his inauguration Obama has disappointed so many constituencies that a rebuke by the voters was inevitable. Yesterday it came in Massachusetts, often categorized as the most liberal in the union. This is entirely untrue. It's a disgusting sinkhole of racism and vulgar prejudice, as five minutes in any taxi in the state, listening to Talk Radio or reading the local newspaper, will attest.

Brown's achievement is not novel. His type of Republican has been elected governor in Massachusetts three or four times in the last 18 years by the real "majority party" --which is the "unenrolled" independents who are 1 and 1/2 times the size of Democrats in number among registered voters and tower over the Republicans of whom less than 12 per cent are registered as such.

CounterPuncher Steve Early, a labor organizer in the state wrote to us on Monday that Brown is in the mould of two recent Republican governors of Massachusetts, William Weld , and Paul Celluci, the latter two actually being backed by later Change to Win local affiliates like HERE Local 26 and the Teamsters. These were genial, likeable, clean-cut jocks, presenting themselves to independent voters as a much needed public rebuke to "an increasingly corrupt, arrogant or personally screwed up Beacon Hill clique of Democrats (see recent spate of House and Senate member/leader indictments, jailings, and/or resignations pending trial). A lot of folks, at the moment, are again just plain pissed about the self-serving political class of Democratic Donkeys who run our one-party state, including the now unpopular Obama pre-cursor, Deval Patrick."


"""A final note on Coakley. She rose to political prominence by peculiarly vicious grandstanding as a prosecutor, winning a conviction of 19-year old child minder Louise Woodward for shaking a baby to death. An outraged judge later freed Woodward, reducing her sentence to less than a year of time served. Then Coakley went after headlines in child abuse cases. Innocent people are still rotting in prison as a consequence of Coakley's misuse of her office. For this alone, regardless of the setback the Democrats richly deserved, I rejoice in her humiliation.""""

Heh heh. Most of the spineless cretins out in Demo-land (retards there are who consider chi-chi libertarian-flat taxer crybaby Andy Sullivan, fan of Cheney until like a month ago or so, a ...real leftist) don't quite grasp Cockburn's wit, so a few seconds of explication are in order. The victory of Brown--another GOP pretty boy- Mitt Romney twit (tho' just WASP, and not WASM) promising to slash taxes--should not be viewed as a positive, but it is an indicator of sorts. The Democrats have not come through, notwithstanding majorities in the House and Senate. Obama turned out to be a moderate (as some predicted), though the Mass. GOP-bots probably feel they are sending some important message to BHO and the Demos (hardly any more profound than the message of the latest Clint Eastwood, angry white-moron flick).

Coakley may not deserve humiliation, but given her luke-warm campaigning and her occasional faux-pas (i.e. claiming catholics have no business working in hospitals, insinuating that Brown was a misogynist, nazi, oppressor, etc), she may have deserved to lose. So who to blame? Start with like Locke, who sold the American rebels on the idea of the popular vote.

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