Thursday, June 24, 2010

""""the chief instruments of state power...."

From Lenin's State and Revolution:

""""Engels elucidates the concept of the “power” which is called the state, a power which arose from society but places itself above it and alienates itself more and more from it. What does this power mainly consist of? It consists of special bodies of armed men having prisons, etc., at their command.

We are justified in speaking of special bodies of armed men, because the public power which is an attribute of every state “does not directly coincide” with the armed population, with its “self-acting armed organization".

Like all great revolutionary thinkers, Engels tries to draw the attention of the class-conscious workers to what prevailing philistinism regards as least worthy of attention, as the most habitual thing, hallowed by prejudices that are not only deep-rooted but, one might say, petrified. A standing army and police are the chief instruments of state power.""""

Perhaps some egghead should update that classic State & Rev., with something like "A standing army and police are the chief instruments of state power, characteristic of both capitalist and communist nations..."

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