Friday, June 04, 2010

Queen Meg

Item: CA-GOP nomination for Governor of California

Price: $150 million. Buy It Now!

Megzilla/CA for sale

"""GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman is making inroads among Republicans of all stripes, from young voters to born-again Christians, according to the most recent Field Poll released Thursday.

After seeing her lead dwindle in public opinion polls last month, Whitman has surged back to a 26 percentage-point advantage over rival Steve Poizner less than a week before the June 8 primary. ...

"Meg Whitman has spent $90 million, and that's four times more than I'm spending ..." he said. "So people want to know why all the negative advertising? What's the truth? What is Meg Whitman trying to cover up?"""
No Meg

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