Sunday, October 10, 2010

CA Demopublicans on Prop 19

Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman both oppose Prop. 19. Senator DiDi Feinstein, California's own Margaret Thatcher, also opposes 19, and recently joined hands with LA Sheriff-Jefe Baca and other CA crimefighters to   once again proclaim how much Prop. 19 pisses her off. Nearly all the leading Democrats oppose Prop. 19, as does the GOP--whether Yacht-club, or Evinrude club.

"Ignorance is Strength"

Admittedly, Proposition 19 may have some problems. For one, the primary backers tend to be entrepreneurial types--head-shop owners, in brief-- who stand to make a buck selling paraphernalia, marijuana "education", so forth were Prop. 19 to pass--f*ck them. Furthermore, local governments could still regulate pot use to such an extent as to make it nearly impossible to grow or use (imagine cops stopping by every few days to inspect your small crop).

Proposition 19 would, however, allow some home cultivation and use of cannabis. In effect 19 would eliminate the dealers, large growers, and...mobsters from the pot trade (there are rumors that pot growers and possibly mafiosi actually have ordered Democrats to oppose the law). Prop. 19  would also raise some needed tax funds to help rebuild the post-Ahhnuld CA infrastructure.   Additionally, citizens found in possession of small amounts of pot would not be subject to criminal charges.

Maybe those citizens who favor Prop. 19--and who object to nanny state tactics, regardless of which political party enforces them-- should simply not vote for any candidate who opposes 19, Demo or GOP, instead resorting to the tried and true political tactic of DFV (Don't F*cking Vote).

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