Friday, October 01, 2010

e-Meg, Mitt, Mormonics

the Angel Moroni opposes Big Government too....

"My friends, today I stand before you with Mitt Romney, governor of Massachusetts and candidate for the US President. Like Mitt, I am firmly opposed to liberal bureaucrats and to big government in all of its forms. We are also in agreement in regard to the perils of illegal immigration and are dedicated to fighting our enemy south of the Border, and across the globe if need be. Mitt and I have similar management styles too.  And like Mitt I also believe in the precious freedoms cherished by our American forefathers, and I believe in the NRA and the right of free enterprise, and in combating terrorism. Like Mitt I believe that honest hardworking Americans now face a moral crisis. Mitt and I might differ a little in some of our views, but like most Mormon people he's a hardworking American who cherishes the precious freedoms that our forefathers fought for."

"Mitt's been a very successful CEO and brought the Olympics to Salt Lake City. He knows what it takes to operate a successful business. He knows that like a business, the Government also needs to be held accountable to the shareholders, which is to say, held accountable to hardworking American property owners. We need to view govt. as an asset, rather than liability, and make it turn a profit, instead of costing us an arm and a leg."

"Mitt also understands the values of thrift and prosperity and the dangers of waste and decadence. Joseph Smith, the LDS church father also battled against what he perceived to be the moral ills of his day. Smith was an early supporter of family values. He envisioned a society dedicated to prosperity, to motherhood, and to moral goodness, and to strength. The Angel Moroni visited Smith, and brought him an American message of freedom and moral integrity, of family values, and the right of prosperity and property ownership. Moroni did not support the evils of Statism, that's for sure! "

"So today I ask you my friends to keep those moral messages of Moroni, and Mitt Romney, and our forefathers in mind. We face stiff opposition on all sides. The statists, the union bosses, the loony lefties and malcontents want us defeated. The powers of darkness want us to fail. But fail we shall not. We shall persevere, and our values, and our families, and our management styles shall prevail. Thank you and may God bless each and everyone of you here today."

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