Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Soros donates 1 mil. to Yes on 19

LA Times:

"""California's marijuana legalization campaign, which has struggled to raise money despite the intense nationwide focus on the issue, was jolted Tuesday when (George Soros) a multibillionaire investor with a long interest in loosening drug laws endorsed Proposition 19 and donated $1 million.

The contribution triples the amount of money that legalization advocates have to spend in the final week before the Nov. 2 election and dwarfs the $317,500 that the California Chamber of Commerce has spent on radio ads in Sacramento, Los Angeles and San Diego against the initiative.

"Better late than never," said Dale Sky Jones, a spokeswoman for the Yes on 19 committee, saying the campaign still has time to reach undecided voters. "It will be a nail-biter to the end."""

Yes on 19.
more on 19

George Soros, the chairman of a hedge fund and a philanthropist, made the donation as polls showed support slipping and as the Yes on 19 campaign began to run its first ad on cable television, targeting voters in the Los Angeles area. On Wednesday, the campaign plans to roll out the ad featuring a former San Jose police chief in Chico, Fresno and Bakersfield.

Soros donated to a campaign committee run by the Drug Policy Alliance, a national advocacy group that he also supports financially. Stephen Gutwillig, the organization's California director, said the money will help turn out supporters and air the television ad, but declined to be more specific. The alliance and Yes on 19 committee have about $1.5 million to spend.

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