Thursday, July 26, 2007

Racially-motivated Gonzales bashing.

AG Gonzales may be a corrupt, underhanded lackey of the Bush Administration, or he may not be. Without any acquaintance with the real facts of the case, most Americans out in the Blog-stadium are not at all qualified to offer an assessment of his guilt or innocence (and the Krip-o-crat generally overlooks the fact that her sacred Due Process rights (you're gonna see Due Process, soon Crip-Ron) apply even to the dreaded GOP foes). At any rate, AG Gonzales had the power to terminate attorneys, as Janet Reno did. Gonzo claims the terminations were performance-based, and in at least one case---the Washington St. DOJ boy, McCay--he may have been correct. McCay was presented with evidence of vote tampering---on the part of Democrats! shocking (there was evidence of vote fraud on the part of Demos in El Lay as well when Jefe Villaigarosa went to victory)---in the 2004 Washington St. election, which went to recount. McCay let it go, over the protests of many, including some non-republicans, and Christine Gregoire, DNC-o-Crat Senator went to Washington town (with about 100 votes, after 3 recounts).

Many democrats seem to be obsessed with a shallow sort of marxist-lite (if not a sort of liberal Calvinism) view of politics, where Good is identified with the "proletariat" (modern leftist-proles now include a whole lot of academics (or corporate professionals); Marx, however phucked-up, on the other hand, considered academics and educators bourgeois), and Evil with ye olde bourgeois (Keynes thought Marxist "class struggle" to be one of the pernicious intellectual errors ever---): US vs. Them.

OF course the modern classes of "Us" and "Them" are provisional, and never really defined (and ripped off from a silly, old stoner anthem that some of the pre-psychotic Fraud-o-crats take for real music). Par-tay regs (read, Kossack rant regulars) toss anyone who objects slightly to a Demo guru into the Them can. Someone who reminds Kossack-lemmings that Hillary and Pelosi signed off on the War and Pat. Act, or that Dianne Feinstein is as fond of police-state politics as most dixie conservatives are, or who objects to some Demo pundit who routinely bends the truth to suit his purposes, like Sy the Liar Hersh, ends up in the Them can. Noam Chomsky, hardly some moderate (and confused on many issues), has even been termed Them, as has an old red like Alex Cockburn (he and his pals at Counterpunch offer a few libertarian-left thoughts once in a while), who simply points out the idiocies and poor research of Gore and the 911 conspiracy 'bots.

Similarly, anyone who questions the hysteria of the anti-Gonzales crowd earns a "Them" stamp. How do you know he did anything wrong asks some skeptic. He lied, shriek the DNC-o-crats. Of course all their info. comes from Democratic media pundits as well (notoriously anti-hispanic, and anti-catholic) like the hacks of WaPo. Most of the KossBots seem to think that their favorite Marat of the moment had a wire tap in the AG's office itself. Or they just follow Sy Hersh's lead and make shit up. Either way, had DNC-o-Crats listened to some intelligent 3rd party types years, if not decades ago (say Nader, however buffoonish), they might have implemented some political-communication reforms (ala the FOIAperhaps), and kept the Dem-publicans (and the Black Robe posse--funny how attention has shifted from Scalia's gang to Gonzo--Scalia's a far more sinister figure)) on a wire 24/7, and thus have prevented a great deal of guesswork and the endless Clue game.

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