Monday, July 09, 2007

USA Patriot Act of 2001: Triumph of the Snitch

Though some blog-o-crats refer to the Patriot Act as evidence of Bush's corruption, nearly ALL the major democrats in the House and Senate signed off on the Pat. Act (which authorized various J. Edgar-like policies, such as warrantless eavesdropping, and Net snooping), as they did on the War Effort act. Queen Feinstone, leading dem. chickenhawk, also signed off on Bush's tax cuts for the American monarchy. This has been noted routinely--even ad nauseum--by various independents, even somewhat leftist ones, to little or no avail.

Yes, BushCo HAS done a great deal of damage to the Constitution, and to Due Process (and the Pat. Act does seems to contradict the 14th Amendment, not that many have noted that): the Bush rightists were, however, aided and abetted in nearly every case by the Democrats. The Hypocrisy-o-Meter reading for a DiFi, or Hillary, or Kerry's a bit higher than for most GOPers, since the Demos Par-tay leaders have in many instances turned around and attacked BushCo for the very policies that they supported. But those sort of FACTS regarding the demos' inconsistencies and weak compromises generally don't hinder the usual Kossack lapdog or DU'ster when he's got a buzz on and his PC dart board set up online.


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