Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The extreme position of Islam (Christopher Hitchens)

".....Islamic belief, however simply or modestly it may be stated, is an extreme position to begin with. No human being can possibly claim to know that there is a God at all, or that there are, or were, any other gods to be repudiated. And when these ontological claims have collided, as they must, with their logical limits, it is even further beyond the cognitive capacity of any person to claim without embarrassment that the lord of creation spoke his ultimate words to an unlettered merchant in seventh-century Arabia. Those who utter such fantastic braggings, however many times a day they do so, can by definition have no idea what they are talking about. (I hasten to add that those who boast of knowing about Moses parting the Red Sea, or about a virgin with a huge tummy, are in exactly the same position.) Finally, it turns out to be impossible to determine whether jihad means more alms-giving or yet more zealous massacre of, say, Shiite Muslims.""""

Unlike most milquetoast liberals (or over-accomodating GOPers), Hitchens at least recognizes the threat posed to Western democracy by Islamic theocracy (and theocracy of all types). Any authentic American (i.e. one who values Madisonian-Jeffersonian principles over dogma, or over the political philosophy of Al Capone), has reason to object to Muslim encroachments on civil liberties (and sharia is already creeping across Europe). Alas, most of the Bukharin-wannabes who frequent the liberal poliburo.coms (KOS, DU, Talking points, Schmendricks.com, etc. etc.) only value democractic principles (Due Process, habeas corpus, yada yada yada) when needed to defend terrorists.


Anonymous said...

"""""Before me is a recent report that a student at Pace University in New York City has been arrested for a hate crime in consequence of an alleged dumping of the Quran. Nothing repels me more than the burning or desecration of books, and if, for example, this was a volume from a public or university library, I would hope that its mistreatment would constitute a misdemeanor at the very least. But if I choose to spit on a copy of the writings of Ayn Rand or Karl Marx or James Joyce, that is entirely my business. When I check into a hotel room and send my free and unsolicited copy of the Gideon Bible or the Book of Mormon spinning out of the window, I infringe no law, except perhaps the one concerning litter. Why do we not make this distinction in the case of the Quran? We do so simply out of fear, and because the fanatical believers in that particular holy book have proved time and again that they mean business when it comes to intimidation."""""

Bravo. Toss out the Gideons, the Koran, AND the Book of Mormon, sir. Pray none of 'em hit the head of a fundie, a jihadist nut, or worse, a Mitt Romney supporter.

Anonymous said...

Ah Ms McDharmic and PutzFrau-Ron back to their usual tricks (and haven't quite figured out what syntax is, whether English, Germanic, Latinate or any other--(Shebraic might be most suitable for the Neue Goys-).

One word, McSpineless and Co: step in a f-n ring. Bada bing

Anonymous said...

"Pray none of 'em hit the head of a fundie, a jihadist nut, or worse, a Mitt Romney supporter."

Good one. Knew you still had it in ya...

On another topic:

"the narcissistic LaRouchies of NW not only fail to understand the syntactical phunn, but don’t understand the semantic connotations either……"

You must admit, you give us a lot of material. Satanist was ninth on the big list. Easy to lose it amongst the deluge.

Anonymous said...

Always count on an McPresbyterian puritan-on-drugs to eventually side with his baptist zombie-Ron pal, and some zionists. Hick Tradition.

J said...

Ah McMax, one-time Deadhead, and secular progressive. Too bad the fundies and Gorean zionists got to you, and even had you in their Salvation Army-disco group for some time.

The names were taken out of context. That's months worth of scribbling (and syntax fun), and there's plenty of the same scheisse on your site (and x-ron cannot really prove any of those terms refer to...anyone.) We are not nearly as obscene and tasteless as your baptist sorority sis Berth-Ron, or BelaKunatya.

For someone who claims to love Wagner or Verdi or even the Dead, your site now seems a lot closer to like the RikkiLake show (with some ebonics practice from BelaKun-etya).

J said...

Read through your own site carefully, and you will note Loudmouthonius started the defamation fest (and BelaKuneta assisted). B-boy couldn't stand having someone post on NW who did not march alongside the DNC (even though we did vote Kerry, and object to many of Buschco's actions---), or who did not believe in his little conspiracy theories. But as I have pointed out numerous times (and yet you still don't seem to understand it), people like Hillary or DiFi (who not only supported War Effort, but Pat. Act, and other police state like acts, and the tax slashes) or Pelosi do not offer much of a viable alternative. Gore himself did not really say much against the war--indeed, Clinton/Gore policies set the stage for the war, and muslim terrorism, to a large extent.

I respect the Harry Reid style dems (though not his recent support of Mormonism. But the dem mormons now say it's a new mormonism, purged of the Brigham Young like eccentricities). I even respect Hillary's politics to some degree--she has a sort of FDR like approach to econ., and might implement some real econ. reforms. I don't care for some of her statist BS, or the multiculturalism, but HC is closer to dem roots than Gore ever was.

But your Pal-ron has continually tried to depict me as rightist, when I am not--not nearly as so as Pal-Rab (and pal-ron has made numerous rather fundamentalist, anti-Darwinist and sentimental- religious posts as well). Hitchens may write some fairly conservative things, but he is not a neo-con, except by association. He's an exTrotskyite (here dealing with those unfortunate labels)--and even Orwellian to some extent--burnt out on the BS of the Demo-nuts. And he knows what sort of brutality jihadists are capable of.

Anonymous said...

Wowie Zowie: Baptist-Ron now puts on his kitschy-kitch pop party hat! You don't fool anyone, xtian: except the schitzo ex-deadhead who runs New Pop worlds, and perhaps BelaKunya.

Monty Python itself (with a few great bits and lots of spam) doesn't stoop to pop kitsch. Yr not even to the wit of that stoner- oaf Robin Williams--(stick to Caliban, not Touchstone, xtian).

Anonymous said...

Caliban? Nyet. Even S-speare's slave was a bit more clever than Bozo-Ron. Tip O' the Day: big shoes, and big red nose. Or maybe the big turkish moustache! And then like Ringling Bros---(with some Elviss work on the side.) Bada bing........bada boom

Anonymous said...

Ah Bozo-Ron the Concern-Troll now sets down his Kazoo and does his 5 minutes of righteous indignation. "Yes, I don't like the idea of nuclear weapons being transported over the US; therefore I, BozoRon, am part of the moral elite! PC! A par-tay member! "

BozoRon's political "insights" (spammed in PC rants with 2-3 sentences and some obvious moralistic point, done in gonzo extra-lite) rarely surpass the thoughts of an average hs junior in her government class..........

Anonymous said...


Heh. Demonic blithering idiocy 101 continues. BauerRon must be referring to his mama again.

Dat's a good un' there, tho'--damn near reaching stalinist levels of idiotic rage. Tell your little bogus self-aggrandizing pseudo-marxist BS drama to some vets or parents of soldiers, who have kids coming home with their arms blown off and flesh removed.

Phuck off, you whiny ass shit-fraud.


Anonymous said...

DirtFuckRron: not merely blasphemous, satanic, crass, obscene etc. but seditionist and indeed a betrayer of the principles of the Founding Fathers themselves: welcome to Hell, where both Jeee-suss and Jefferson pisss on you.

Anonymous said...

Some bad Ahhht from another bay area anti-chrust goil doesn't do anything either

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