Monday, August 24, 2009

Democratic Racists

Prevarication, ESL-style, from one 'Motya at a "Town Hall" in the Bay Zone:

"""......a 30-something woman posed something very like the following question (as close as I can remember): “Given the fact that there has never

been a single example in history of the government managing any program successfully, why should we have any faith that they wil be able to improve the

situation with health care?”

This, first of all, is simply the witless verbatim parroting of bullet poionts from any number of AM radio hosts, who in turn got their marching orders in faxes

from the Heritage Foundation, Cato Institute, American Enterprise Institute, etc.; and Jackie should have immediatley asked which yakking head the

questioner was brainlessly quoting. ....."""""

The 30-something woman posed a reasonable question--not real profound, but understandable, given the history of corruption and incompetence of Medicare (and many other govt. programs, whether run by Demo or GOP ). Sen. Durbin has himself alluded to Medicare incompetence, and argued for public option, rather than single-pay and simply expanding the vast Medicare or VA bureaucracies. Of course, the content of the woman's question or her political affiliation (--that's not necessarily a conservative-only talking point) doesn't matter to Motya, policy expert, ESL student, and expert-profiler, except as subject matter for his poorly-phrased Ad Hominem. Merely question any aspect of the Obama Administration or The Health Care Agenda, and you're the witless verbatim parroting siding with the Fox News people, Heritage Foundation, La-Rouchies, NRA types, neo-nazis, according to Comrade Motya. Thou shall not question the power of the Dink-o-crat State!

The KOS sorts of Dinks rely on this type of defamation, whether they are scribbling their thoughts on health care, the military, the economy or environment--anything where Govt is involved. These sort of neo-Tammany tactics--really, racist--do create a pop-gonzo effect: just scrawl the usual Fuck.These.People, and the issue has been addressed for the Regs--the dissenter is Guilty and troll-rated for merely posing the question, and virtually put on the boxcar to the Fox-gulag.

(Oh Frabjous INS day!)


Unknown said...

Begemotya does have a way with words, and he knows of what he speaks. For some reason he finds perverse pleasure in wallowing in the mire of right-wing talk radio. He's a brilliant, informed, liberal-minded citizen, and it's good some such of us do succeed in listening in on the enemy's screechathons. I myself am incapable, as the nausea builds quickly.

J said...

No, fool, he has problems with diction and English idioms, and he also relies on crass insults and ridicule to make his points: sort of Rush Limbaugh in reverse. I don't care for AM radio--and don't listen to it--but the leftist pundits, or Air America, Maddow, Olbermann now use the same tactics, for the most part. Hysteria.

Perhaps you should re-read my post. The woman asked a perfectly reasonable question--indeed that's not necessarily some "tea-bagger"- like question, but expresses a citizen's normal cynicism regarding govt. programs.

Pointing out the Obama as Hitler sign is understandable (if predictable), but Motya really has no grounds for attacking the woman who merely asked the question about why we should trust the Govt. He's an alarmist.

Really, I'm for health care reform (then, poor CA people have county health care), but we are not obligated to support the single-payer Mommy-Medicare bureaucracy.

J said...

Holy Bab-boosh-ka, Batman!

You need meds, Motya--and a bit more time with the McGuffey reader, not to say informal fallacies, and maybe some US History (like, the First Amendment, and the right to free expression--which would certainly cover the 30-something woman's question).

Indeed you sound even more misogynistic and bitter than usual, Comrade. Marx himself detested emotional, bourgeois moralists, did he not.

When NWs stops moderating comments, I will.

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