Friday, May 07, 2010

Baron Von Schwarzenegger....tweets

""It promised to be the most exciting and unpredictable election for a generation – and it didn't disappoint. Social media, reflecting its younger user base, has tended to amplify support for the Liberal Democrats and Labour, skewing expectations of its users. On results night, it was the prospect of a Tory majority.

Results came in slowly, partly due to large turnout, but attention was focused on chaos at the polling stations – though the first outrage came at 10.20pm when California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted: "Just called @davidcameron to congratulate him on the victory.""""

Vee vant to Tweeten Zee upp. Ahhnuld jumped the gun (Cameron won, as did the royalist swineTorys)--the victory was not as resounding as the UK conservatives had hoped, and resulted in a hung parliament. The tweet-call to Cameron--considered by many as a near-fascist--reveals Schwarzenegger's own Goering-lite ideology, his few concessions to the environment or slight increase in taxes notwithstanding (mainly in fees and sales tax, which amount to a tax on the poor).

""""As the exalting one man so greatly above the rest cannot be justified on the equal rights of nature, so neither can it be defended on the authority of scripture; for the will of the Almighty, as declared by Gideon and the prophet Samuel, expressly disapproves of government by kings. All anti-monarchial parts of scripture have been very smoothly glossed over in monarchial governments, but they undoubtedly merit the attention of countries which have their governments yet to form. Render unto Caesar the things which are Caesar's is the scriptural doctrine of courts, yet it is no support of monarchial government, for the Jews at that time were without a king, and in a state of vassalage to the Romans."""(Thomas Paine)

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