Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mormonics, cont.

perps of the LDS

Ted Bundy--Bundius!--was an LDS boy (why is that not surprising). They forgot to include Joseph Smith hisself.

Mo' mormonic phunn

the Mittster

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Luigi Speranza said...

I loved your lack of "?" in "why is that not surprising," and will follow suit in dropping the "?" when the question is rhetorical, ONLY.

Also loved your use of 'hisself', since I think it sounds better than 'himself' and I'm not an ebonic speaker or from Nottinghamshire, England! (on the whole).

L. J. Kramer, elsewhere, has tried to convince me that 'himself' is short for 'him self', i.e. really 'him' with the 'self' as emphatic. His point: it does not mean HIS self, but 'him', himself. The older use was 'same-self', apparently. But I still like 'hisself'.

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