Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Oil Spill Follies

Back to the proverbial drawing board...and lest we forget BP denied the existence of underwater plumes for a few weeks, until independent researchers/video crews showed otherwise.

(for cutting-edge, PC eco-indignation peruse pas au dela)


Luigi Speranza said...

You don't HAVE to approve the previous to post it -- it was my means to contact you. So feel free to delete. But recall if you drop me a line with your email address so that I can set the settings in the Grice Club so that you become an author. I promise you'll enjoy it, J!

J said...

Thanks for comments J.L., and apologies for delay in posting--I'm opposed to moderation in principle, but sans moderation, various zealots (mostly protestant/fundamentalist sorts) will leave nasty/obscene/threatening notes which I grew tired of deleting.

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