Friday, July 09, 2010

Bubba Mehserle's "mistake"

SF Gate:
""The jury deliberated less than seven hours to reach the verdict in the trial of former BART officer Johannes Mehserle for murdering Oscar Grant: involuntary manslaughter. In other words, although the former officer was found guilty of pulling a gun on Grant and shooting him in the back as he lay face down, hand-cuffed, on a platform, the jury did not find that Mehserle had any intent to end Grant's life when he pulled his gun and shot him in the back as he lay handcuffed on the platform, face down, with another officer's knee pushing into in his back.

With this verdict, the jury essentially affirmed their belief that Mehserle, while guilty, had made a "mistake". As someone who has observed juries deliberate, the idea this jury could reach a consensus so quickly in such a complicated case makes me wonder how many of the people sitting in the jury box actually listened to what they heard."""

The mistake was letting Mehserle, a murderer with a badge, walk on 187.


Perezoso said...

Whack, that's for sure. The dude was cuffed, face down, with a knee in his back when shot--and la jura calls it a "mistake." Fuck that. The cop should be inside for years.

Hey J, looks like you touched a nerve. The new worlds pendejos have been fantasizing about you.

J said...

-- whack it is, or possibly judicial conspiracy, as in the po-lice (or politicians..rhymes with Slimestein...) tell the judges (and/or jury peoples) what to do, and they do it. Mehserle will def. be in need of protective custody.

--not sure on new worlds honkies. The one perp "byronius" is like a right-wing mormon with mental issues (the regs on DU just laugh at the foo when it tries to post now...or he's been banned...). He routinely scrawls these bizarre violent, white trash-on-meth messages--Tex Watson like-- with made-up names, typical closet-case xtian fantasies of hurting or raping people (usually children). So I bookmarked it as evidence , just in case my ...people need a bit more convincing.

Not that I enjoy getting authorities involved. Hopefully he' ll just be sedated and locked down for years in like psych. cell, instead of prison--there, the pedazo de mierda would only last a week or so before death.

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