Thursday, July 01, 2010

Halten Zee programz! sez Gov. Girly Mann

"""California begins a new budget year Thursday without a spending plan in place and with no agreement imminent between state legislators and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on how to close a $19.1-billion deficit.

State employees and others who depend on government money were bracing Wednesday for the possible fallout. Thousands of state workers took to the Capitol steps, protesting spending cuts and the governor's threat to slash their pay. Community colleges and vendors that do business with the state are on edge, their payments in jeopardy because of the budget delay.

And California's top finance officials warned of further reductions in the state's already woeful credit ratings on Wall Street."""

Discuss an update of Prop. 13, or taxing the salaries of grossly overpaid California corporate executives, perhaps increasing sales taxes on luxury vehicles? No, instead axe day care and schools. Ahhhuldnomics, the politics of those too stoopid for politics. Put a celebrity in a gulag for Jeeezuss.

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