Friday, July 02, 2010


Maria Shriver on....the Ahhts

"Art is fundamental, unique to each of us.

For me, writing allows me to be creative, to be thoughtful and to learn more about myself and those who inspire me. But I also see art in so many other aspects of life: in parenting, in expressing our spirituality, even simply how we dress each and every day.

My husband, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, paints to relax. And of course, he loves to act. But he also approached bodybuilding as a form of art, self-expression and communication."

Governator Ahhhnuld, un Belle-artiste!   Zut.  Perhaps a Self-portrait as The Terminator, terminating the California  economy.   Paraphrasing Kierkegaard, the person in despair does not generally know it's in despair.

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