Sunday, July 11, 2010

Rev. Chopin

Freddie K, does Freddy C's Etude 10/1: "waterfall". Real music ignites...the bonfire of the vanities.... for that matter [for any people who know something about realmusick] Chopin, house pianist, played jazz harmonies circa 1835, flattened fifths, substitutions, chromaticism, exotic scales and all.


Perezoso said...

--I like some of Chopin's music, though he added "mucho azucar."

--Speaking of ..azucar..Liz Cheneys...panocha? scandalous.

--Also note your palsies at new worlds now getting their beatnik aka NAMBLA kicks on, J. Didn't you say they were ..mormons? nada mas que..blanca-basura.


J said...

Hola PZ

Im not an expert on Chopin's music, and would agree at times his music sounds..a bit vegas-schmaltzy (or sugary ala "azucar" right), or is it funeral home-ish,

YET the etudes--10 and 25-- are not as well known as Chopin's greatest hits and feature some highly poetic even sublime moments, requiring virtuoso playing (as one realizes after a few years of attempting them on ivories). And he usually sounds like a skylark compared to many romantic composers (Ludwig Van included), even when the "Liberace sound" creeps in--tho' often that's like, modern harmonies that a jazz cat would use (Brubeck, Oscar Peterson, Bill Evans etc). Kempf generally avoids that florid, ...shall we say Russian style. Or not. At any rate Chopin's best musick outdoes the pop/rock/rap/soft"jazz" noise typical of Consumerland

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