Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Oswald day

"They killed my husband and I have his brains in my hand."

""""Screen the JFK assassination enough times and the audience will laugh.""""

J.G. Ballard.

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Insta-conspiratorial reflections: 

While it's fairly well-established that Oswald fired at least one shot (probably the deadly head-shot, a rather precise shot), it's far from clear that he was the lone gunman, and quite a few mysterious gaps remain in the "official story".      Wiki features a variety of quack theories--the grassy knoll, Garrison, et al--but one definite weirdness involves a switcheroo on LHO's supposed assassination weapon--originally the Dallas PD said it was  a Mauser 7.65, then a few days later it was...presto-chango, a  6.5 Mannlicher-Carcano--italiano gear (per the FBI's report). 

Additionally, the FBI and CIA both had files on Oswald, prior to the assassination, and Oswald--and possibly other potential shooters-- probably had some contact with the anti-Castro Cubans (though some said LHO may have had contacts with reds as well, due to time in the USSR--though the Red connection fits the lone gunman story pretty well as well).  Keep in mind powerful mafiosi--like Sam Giancana and pals-- were involved with some CIA people, and they both wanted Castro taken out, yet many mobsters also hated the Kennedys--both JFK, for not carrying out the Bay of Pigs in the way they wanted, and RFK--who was putting away many paysanos (and RFK seemingly forgot that his daddy Joe had worked with La Cosa Nostra back in the good ol days of Prohibition).  Moreover, Jack Ruby knew the bloody Giancana--more than likely worked his rackets in Dallas (though some dispute Ruby/Rubenstein, a "loser", had much of a connection to the mob--but it's evident he had some. Ruby also had worked with the Dallas PD--are the cops involved as well? Perhaps explains the weapon mix-up. ).     

The mafia theory also seems slightly plausible given Garrison's angle--Oliver Stone sort of  extrapolated from that--though Garrison couldn't convince a NO Jury of the mafia angle, and the Kerrie character and the..homo-hijinks looks like grasping for straws.  Oswald may have known Kerrie, but LHO was no Bircher, or likely a pal of the mob--(tho mobsters AND some reds might both have wanted JFK removed, for different reasons--a difficulty).  So Giancana and his cronies, probably working with anti-Castro AND CIA goons--or following orders (many WASP macho hawks hated the K's as well)-- decide to....take out JFK as pay back  for BOP and RFK's prosecutions. SG contacts his people in Dallas, including the seedy Jack Ruby--and probably mucho dinero involved, like a pro hit. 

Does Ruby know Oswald before  the fact?  Definitely possible--or there might be other middlemen besides Ruby. Maybe JR hires a few others (ie for the grassy knoll, perhaps the building across from the Book Depository).   It's worked out in detail and Oswald must follow a careful routine in his Depository window-perch (perhaps under...a threat? ). So the motorcade rolls, and ....BAM  the shots go off, one in back, one miss, yet someone makes a precise sharpshooter shot (Oswald?? maybe, but he was barely marksman, ie first level) and blows out JFK's brains, pretty obviously from the back (ie, no grassy knoll shots, if there were any, hit).   Then Oswald sort of freaks, bungles his exit, kills a cop (or does he????),  yet...they catch him.  But he knows way too f-cking much.  Giancana and cronies are upset---the crazy punk'll rat us out. Witnesses are already being threatened (even killed). So Signore Giancana--or is it a Bonnanno, or Marcello-- gets on the horn to Ruby. Take the freak out, or else Jack.   Which Ruby does--with help from the DPD.   At the same time, the CIA and FBI backroom boys--and maybe LBJ's texas cronies-- start making up all sorts of shit, possibly tailoring the autopsy to fit their story. 

Or somethin' like that. 

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