Tuesday, September 01, 2009

So much for ye olde public option:

""""By dropping his insistence on a public insurance option, President Obama angered some of his most loyal supporters but sharply improved the odds of passing a far-reaching healthcare overhaul. Moderate Democratic lawmakers are now more likely to back other parts of the evolving legislation, such as prohibiting insurers from denying coverage because of preexisting conditions or cutting off benefits to ill policy-holders, as well as making it easier for small businesses to cover workers.At the same time, the White House appeared to be making a calculation that liberals would go along with the legislation even if it lacked a provision they deemed indispensable.The White House expressed Obama's position in calibrated language, making clear that though he preferred to include a government-run healthcare plan in legislation, its absence would not be a deal-breaker.Speaking to reporters on Air Force One, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said there had been no change in White House policy with respect to a government-run plan. Obama wants an insurance market that does a better job of serving consumers, he said, and doesn't consider a public option the only means of accomplishing that."The goals are choice and competition," Gibbs said. "His preference is a public option. If there are other ideas, he's happy to look at them. I think this is true not only for the issue of healthcare, but for virtually every other issue that he'll ever deal with in public life."""""

Even Contingencies, no fan of whiny, irrational, soi-disant leftists liberal statism in principle, supports a public option--i.e. VA-like care for all working class citizens, OR something along the lines of EU. That's not an option now, says the Commander-in-chief, who instead emphasizes those laissez-faire conceptual-chestnuts of "choice and competition". Some Hillary supporters predicted as much when BO started quoting Reagan two years ago or so. Obama shows his Demopublican colors once again (probably following orders from his economic advisers, aka Goldman sachs).

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