Thursday, December 23, 2010


Antidote for Lieberdems--
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"""""You don't do anything for free. You've got to pay. A story you make up, that isn't worth anything. The only story that counts is the one you pay for. When it's paid for, then you've got the right to transform it. Otherwise it's lousy. Me, I work . . . I have a contract, it's got to be filled. Only I'm sixty-six years old today, I'm seventy-five percent mutilated. At my age most men have retired. I owe six million to Gallimard . . . so I'm obliged to keep on going . . . I already have another novel in the works: always the same stuff . . . It's chicken feed. I know a few novels. But novels are a little like lace . . . an art that disappeared with the convents. Novels can't fight cars, movies, television, booze. A guy who's eaten well, who's escaped the big war, in the evenings gives a peck to the old lady and his day's finished. Done with."""""
"Noël" ---

late 14c., from M.E. nowel, from O.Fr. noel "the Christmas season," variant of nael, from L. natalis (dies) "birth (day)," in Eccles. L. in reference to the birthday of Christ, from natus, pp. of nasci "be born" (Old L. gnasci; see genus).    ...also   sp. nacimiento,  Navidad...from latin nasci,   gnasci "to be born,"


(pl. genera), 1550s as a term of logic, "kind or class of things" (biological sense dates from c.1600), from L. genus (gen. generis) "race, stock, kind; family, birth, descent, origin," cognate with Gk. genos "race, kind," and gonos "birth, offspring, stock," from PIE base *gen-/*gon-/*gn- "produce, beget, be born" (cf. Skt. janati "begets, bears," janah "race," jatah "born;" Avestan zizanenti "they bear;" Gk. gignesthai "to become, happen;" L. gignere "to beget," gnasci "to be born," genius "procreative divinity, inborn tutelary spirit, innate quality," ingenium "inborn character," germen "shoot, bud, embryo, germ;" Lith. gentis "kinsmen;" Goth. kuni "race;" O.E. cennan "beget, create;" O.H.G. kind "child;" O.Ir. ro-genar "I was born;" Welsh geni "to be born;" Armenian chanim "I bear, I am born").

Not a speck of semitic in it.

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