Saturday, December 11, 2010

sabado Gigante


Bert hisself, supposedly (en pinche aleman)

(Dedicated to a piece of mierda AKA Darrell Issa, and gangsters of all sorts, derechos y izquierdas).

""""On thinking about Hell, I gather

My brother Shelley found it was a place
Much like the city of London. I
Who live in Los Angeles and not in London
Find, on thinking about Hell, that it must be
Still more like Los Angeles. """"

Bertolt Brecht

¡Nada mas que clasicos!


microdot said...

That was just grand! I never saw it before!

J said...

Sort of intense eh. In original Deutsch. The saloon singers Darin, Sinatra, whoever, don't quite get it ---for one Brecht fought the nazis for years (the way Sinatra sings it, youd think Mackie's a mafia hero or somethin'). The nazis would show up at Brecht's plays and throw shit at the stage.

Finally he left for US in '40 or so via Sweden or something--then the McCarthyites had Brecht testify on whether he was a Red or not (he said No)

Brecht/Weill's Three Penny Opera has some gems. Occasionally it's been staged in a ...brothel.

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