Thursday, August 02, 2007


How's this for a quote, Reagan-Ron:. Yr a lying sack of hick protestant shit. I wager even old Nixonian Heinlein would agree. You don't know what a valid argument is; phuck you don't know what a coherent paragraph is, ; i doubt you know what supply and demand is. Occult-Ron: you're finished, dreck. Call your attorney Drugonius. Finito.

(Politics of Sci-fi. cont.)

"""""""The new wavers outraged the flag wavers, the science fiction old guard, which favored a right-wing militaristic politic featuring empire-sized conflicts on the galactic scale, and assumed a conservative, country-club attitude in cultural andpyschological matters. The heroes of Robert Heinlein, for example, are bluff, whiskey-drinking, macho American grads. But the characters of Cyberpunk science fiction are low down. The concept was formally introduced in William Gibson's 1984 punk novel, NEUROMANCER. Although this first novel swept theTriple Crown of science fiction--the Hugo, the Nebula, and thePhilip K. Dick awards--it is not really science fiction. It could be called "science faction" in that it occurs not in another galaxy in the far future, but 20 years from now, in a BLADE RUNNER world just a notch beyond our silicon present.""""

Who dat? The Doctor--Dr. Leary that izz. Yes. Dr. Leary, there is a great difference between the noirish scenes of a "cyberpunk" writer such as Gibson , and the Battlestar Galactica scripts of Heinlein & Co. What's more, I doubt Billy G. ever worked for the CIA.


Anonymous said...

I'm lighting a match to a big stack of Heinlein screeds this instant. But how do I expunge his evil influence from my mind?

J said...

Seriously? TO be honest, I am not so much a moralist as to argue that those old space epics should be banned or burnt. They should just be kept from overly impressionable young American minds. It's not so much that the messages of Heinlein's books are wrong, but what people do with the Heinlein's patriotic books (I think Heinlein's sort of equivalent to John Phillip Sousa muzak, really)

Consider young Dementia-Praecox-Ron: why, he might have learned how to write a coherent 5 paragraph essay, or some research papers in APA format, had he not been overtaken by the comic strip fantasies of Heinlein and Co. Now, it's far too late in the game.

(the knave is psychotic, McMax)

Anonymous said...

This is why the gentleman in question will always have a home at New Worlds.

Anonymous said...

OK. IMHO some doggies are worth an occasional mention, but I'll try to keep your criteria in mind.

Anonymous said...

You know I was just jesting about hitch and debbie, right? Begemotya, however, does rock.

J said...

Mr. Max:

Really I don't want to interfere with your relationship with, uh, your Blog Moderatorius. He's Possessive! Besides, simply pointing out some facts (Heinlein as pal of WF Buckley, a Reaganite, opponent of Leary, etc.) that interfere with his delusional picture of Reality obviously causes him to like start having another PC temper-tantrum, or worse, to start into some barely-remembered cheesy, nostalgic flashback. We here at Contingencies surely don't want to stop the Nostalgia and flagwaving party of Jan&DeanRon.

So better not to irritate your man, and not post on this sinister site, where....gasp....even the writings of Christopher Hitchens and the blasphemous sounds of Claude "El Diablo" Debussy are featured on occasion, and where we don't mince words with white trash protestant shit, even allegedly democratic ones ........... give me a jingle when you want to chat about Dawkins, or Orwell, or even Marx---anything other than Heinlein or doggies, or Bitchonius's drama du jour..........

And regarding Hitchens by the way: I have objected to Hitchens' arguments on Slate and on other places (including this humbleblog). At least Hitchens knows how to write in a serious, adult fashion, and he provides a great deal of evidence for his points of view (unlike one BubbleGumonius, whose writing is known to at least 10 or so gullible freaks on DU).

Hitchens' book on Jefferson is a nice read, and he is a secularist--indeed an atheist. He has never joined the GOP, and has criticized BushCo for "Gitmo." He might have done more to support John Kerry. He's a callous SOB, a drunkard, and not too PC: at least he isn't a psychotic, obsessed, liar who goes to Sunday School each week, worships every word of RA Heinlein as dogma, and does business with conservatives while pretending to be some radical "leftist."


J said...

Yes, I understand that Simon was an important part of your life
(and I understand the emotional memories), but this appears to be more of Caninonius's usual emotional extortion, if not narcissistic self-promotion.

They call hyper-emotional, reactionary types of scribblers such as Teary-Ron "concern trolls" on a few sites. Concern trolls do anything to make posters (whether left or right) feel guilty, or sad, depressed, or angry, etc. Concern trolls specialize in pushing emotional buttons, and avoiding serious discussion or debate: everything is reduced to like the Rikki Lake show for a Concern Troll: they rely on alarming points, suggestion, insinuation, endless pathos. And if you disagree with a typical Concern Troll he/she then calls you a nazi, or inhuman, misogynist, homophobe, etc.

(Re: Betya. I never said Betya was completely mistaken in his political POV; however, I do think he tends to make hasty generalizations (like about what Gonzo did or did not do), like many Kossacks do. He also overlooked the fairly well-supported documentation of Hersh's fibs (and mistakes). And he could use a few more ESL lessons).

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