Monday, August 27, 2007

P.E.T.A., continued (Peoples Eating Tasty Animals).

"......the errors of the greatest philosophers usually have their point of departure in a false explanation of certain human actions and sensations; ...a false ethics is erected, religion and mythological monsters are then in turn called to buttress it, and the shadow of these dismal spirits in the end falls even across physics and the entire perception of the world."""""

(from Nietzsche's Human, All too Human)

Some phunn Veg-Bot abuse from "Meat Kicks Ass"

""""Vegan/Nazi: This type of vegetarian not only doesn't eat meat, but he or she will try to impose their beliefs onto you with propaganda on TV and radio stations. Vegetarians of this type are commonly afflicted with accute bitching syndrome, or ABS. This is a mental disease not unlike feminism. It causes the victim to bitch about people who choose to eat meat. All animal products are boycotted by this group of fascists.

Anti-Meat Vegetarian/Dumbass: This is the most common type of vegetarian. A vegetarian of this type will not eat any beef, poultry, or fish products (less cheese and milk because they're irrational). The ones that keep to themselves aren't a major problem, as they're usually stupid, close minded, and fragile because all of that "organic health food" bullshit has made them weak. On a side note, these types of vegetarians are very fun to tease. Occasionally, you'll find a vegetarian who has backed him or herself into mental corner, so afraid to hurt or kill something that they'll even try to avoid stepping on bugs-- because bugs are living things, and they have feelings too... right? Bwahaha. Worthless."""

Yes, MKA, the usual spineless granola and yogurt-sucking Veg-bot often confuses his dimwitted, new-age "ethics" with something like a political program. Of course ask one of these mystical idiots to actually provide a compelling argument for obligation or duty or "rights" and they start to melt (or are seized with ABS). That said, we here at Contingencies (vegetarians we are not: neither was RA Wilson, another meat-eating, gun-toting, drug-using Phreedom fighter, opposed to idiots of links oder rechts) do take issue with the corporate cattle and pork biz, yet that is more a far more complex matter regarding the efficient use of resources and energy, and even "consumerism" as a whole. But the usual McMoondoggie vegetarian twit isn't concerned with discussing the specific problems of the meat industry, or the cattle commodity-market, but in chanting her "Meat means murder, man" talent-nite anthem; she couldn't distinguish a commodity from her collection of Karma-dharma (yet McMoondoggie then allows his Romney-supporting, right-wing
xtian pals to post their drivel next to his mystic-liberal-lite spam. All part of the Neo-Irrationalist agenda).


Anonymous said...

Note also all the implicit value assumptions in McTwit's spammed in vego-propaganda as well: humans don't NEED meat; therefore meat-eating is "immoral." Humans don't need beer either: is beer therefore immoral? Or ice cream or any number of other consumables? Hogwash 101.

Moreover, given Darwinian assumptions, there's no evidence that veggie species do better than meat-eating. Primates eat meat, as do many mammalian species. Lions don't quite recognize the "rights" of gazelles. Yes, there is an energy issue: the cattle business does result in measurable damage to the environment (i.e. the topsoil deplenished for corn and other silage crops), and industry stockyards are a very inefficient way to produce protein (tho' meat, poultry, eggs and fish do provide more protein per calorie than about any meat substitutes--so the meat itself (tho' not the production thereof) is very efficient in terms of nutritional "fuel"). Additionally, there is the division of labor problem: perhaps meat eaters should be required to participate in the slaughtering of their steaks or pollo: putting Biff and Bunny in a abattoir seems about right. But then B. & B. might help with the citrus harvest, or any number of other hands-on commodity productions. Of course, McKarmic and his xtian pals do not mention any of this.

Anonymous said...

Note now that McDharmic begins into his usual fallacies du jour: Einstein made some off-handed comment in support of vegetarianism; therefore vegetarianism is morally "correct."
Appeal to specious Authori-TAY 101, Cartman.

That said, we agree the meat industry is part of the plantation economics of American capitalism. Then so is most of the "IT business."

There's no "resource" problem when one raises-- and slaughters--- chickens for one's own use, or goes fishing for trout, and then eats the caught fish (or ices down the catch).

J said...

Yeah for a corporate eco-puritan like McDimwitt, someone eating a burger is about equal to Hitler. Now, if Bill Gates is a vegetarian, everythang is then kosher.

The phucks might recall their cliffsnotes to Integrals 101 or C++ phor Dummies, but they simply do not know how to think.

J said...


Heh. aka Joey McGoyim. And McGoyim's a bit too narcissistic to realize the anti-Gonzalez crusade, while perhaps justified in some aspects, was mostly fueled by ZionCorp. (formerly known as the Illuminati).

He should change his name, and start writing in Hebrew. Oy vey Worlds........

J said...

It's great to hear some contemporary cyber-stalinists contradict themselves with each post. On one hand McGoybitch wants to suggest there's no such thing as objective morality or ethics---except for objecting to conservative carnivores.

Ansteigen an die Zug, schweine.

Anonymous said...

Stooge-Ron chimes in with the veggie ebonics lesson! Shocking. And he/she/it has enough crack in her system to think that Heinlein--pal of Werner Von Braun, and supporter of ALL right-wing and libertarian policies of the last 50 years--would somehow lend his support to the quackery du jour of New Spineless Worlds.


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