Monday, August 20, 2007

Snitch-Ron marches on.

"""A brief reminder on TCP""""

"""""A TCP connection between two hosts (which will be called respectively
"client" and "server" in the rest of the paper) can be identified by a tuple
[client-IP, server-IP, client-port, server-port]. While the server port is
well known, the client port is usually in the range 1024-5000, and
automatically assigned by the operating system. (Exemple: the connection
from some guy to freenode may be represented by [,, 1207, 6667]).

When communication occurs on a TCP connexion, the exchanged TCP packet
headers are containing these informations (actually, the IP header contains
the source/destination IP, and the TCP header contains the
source/destination port). Each TCP packet header also contains fields for a
sequence number (SEQ), and an acknowledgement number (ACK).

Each of the two hosts involved in the connection computes a 32bits SEQ
number randomly at the establishment of the connection. This initial SEQ
number is called the ISN. Then, each time an host sends some packet with
N bytes of data, it adds N to the SEQ number.
The sender put his current SEQ in the SEQ field of each outgoing TCP packet.
The ACK field is filled with the next *expected* SEQ number from the other
host. Each host will maintain his own next sequence number (called
SND.NEXT), and next expected SEQ number from the other host (called

STFU, Snitch-Ron. No one gives a shit about your pathetic wannabe-hacker snitch-Speak. It was dated 15 years ago. You don't know encryption from egyptian, or protocols from pot farming.


J said...

Bookmarked again, perp. Teehee.

Anonymous said...

The amazing Wiki-Ron! he reads like 2 paragraphs of a phreaking- for-dummies abstract and now thinks he's ready to build his EM decoder, for less than 10,000! Red hat had anti-VE phreaking apps like 10 years ago anyways, Dolt-ron.

Anonymous said...

Bootlicker-Ron now, after the requisite pop. mechanics spam (ooooo wowie zowie EM field detection has only been known for like 40+ years) doing his usual paranoid-sycophant act to his McMaster. "Ooo pleeze McMaster let me post my stupid hick popular mechanics pulp on your site, and be my phran......." Essen sie scheisse, schmutz

Anonymous said...

It's not nearly that intelligent or methodical. More like another wig-gah on a crack buzz.

Anonymous said...

New Wiggah Worlds! Whaddup, y'all: We be into space explorin'--homie RA Swinelein in ebonics and representin' for da peeps

Anonymous said...

Auf-veeder-sehen, McWiggahs.

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