Monday, August 06, 2007

Zizek on Immigration (La Izquierda Auténtica)

""""One should be attentive here to how even those elements which appear as pure Rightist racism are effectively a displaced version of workers' protests: of course there is racism in demanding the end of immigration of foreign workers which pose a threat to our employment; however, one should bear in mind the simple fact that the influx of immigrant workers from the post-Communist countries is not the consequence of some multiculturalist tolerance - it effectively IS part of the strategy of the capital to held in check the workers' demands - this is why, in the US, Bush did more for the legalization of the status of Mexican illegal emigrants than the Democrats caught in the trade union pressures. So, ironically, the Rightist racist populism is today the best argument that the "class struggle," far from being "obsolete," goes on - the lesson the Left should learn from it is that one should not commit the error symmetrical to that of the populist racist mystification/displacement of the hatred onto foreigners, and to "throw the baby out with the dirty water," i.e., to merely oppose populist anti-immigrant racism on behalf of multiculturalist openness, obliterating its displaced class content - benevolent as it wants to be, the mere insistence on multiculturalist openness is the most perfidious form of anti-workers class struggle..."

from "Only Atheists can believe"

"they think they are holding God by His testicles....."

Muy bien. As even the Fabians realized, the Marxist critique should never be dismissed lightly (alas Zizek pone mucho Lacan en su Marxismo). Zizek also has the spine to denounce the American monarchists (including "liberal" ones), the financiers, the speculators (or wannabe-speculators), the IT barons and the perennial bourgeois swampflowers.

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Anonymous said...

Zizek presents some interesting issues (as does Marx of course), but do you think your Herr Nietzsche ever would have joined forces with La Izquierda? I doubt it. FN remains one of the permanently UnAffiliated--tho' I suspect had FN lived another 25 years he probably would have applauded the arrival of Il Duce (as Pound did--and EP's writing shows a few Nietzschean, if not Machiavellian hints here and there), however scary that might seem to modern belle-lettrists.............

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